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Researchers carried out the research study using series of interviews to 1 of the managers, employees and customer from the 4/11 retail outlet, researcher likewise analyze the down sides just to produce solutions utilizing their software and application.

2 . 3. one particular Research Design and style:

Researchers used the fresh research approach to this study, the basic aim of experimental research is to discover the impact of one or maybe more factors upon the condition group or condition purpose of which is to discover " what will be”. It explains and evaluates variables in carefully handled conditions as a basis to get inferring or perhaps concluding an experimental variable under very controlled circumstances to determine just how and why a particular function occurs. (Manuel and Medel, 1976) The experimental approach to research is identified by good as a method or procedure involving the control or perhaps manipulation of conditions when it comes to studying the relative effects of various treatments put on members of a simple or of the same treatment applied to people of direct sample. (Good, p. 216) Experimental study simply suggests the manipulated observation of change and development. Everyday constant improvements always in the expansion process. Being innovative needs a lot of declaration or determination before one can conclude that his test is success or certainly not. The data gathered through the forms and interviews of the participants evaluated. (Ma. Corazon L. Garcia) This kind of study possess a specific subject matter such as creation and execution of electronic sales and inventory system of the 4/11 store so that the focus of analysts are with confidence place in the effectiveness and efficiency of the data structured through the use of effective and excellent new technology. Seeing that all research workers are taking Bachelor of Scientific research in Information Technology, the development of the particular subject can be controlled by the certainly one of good computer software use by researchers and manipulated by their knowledge about systems.

2 . 3. 2 Description of the Participants:

This analyze has 3 kinds of participants, such as manager, contractual, employee and the consumer. Manager:

This kind of participant is considered the most knowledgeable about the corporation and provides the more knowledge about their each day system, for the reason that in their position in the business. Since they are the manager, they are regular in order to stay in their jobs just as much as they can. As of this period of time they can get details and evaluate what are the good and disadvantages about their efficiency with the features of their products. The managers can also give information about all their company's facilities and status of its productivity.

Contractual staff:

This kind of participator is the personnel of with only limited time to provide because there is a contract together with the merchandise. Contractual employee comes with an experience on the situation of the retail store. Even though they may have an end of contract and limited moments of experience the system of the store they are the one who is aware what is the top problem inside their jobs in term s of services that they've given to their customers utilizing their facilities. These are the one who provides data intended for the saving of the information regarding their product sales and inventory. They are also facing the customer as well as the manager. They are also the workers who happen to be between the costumer and the manager. Their expertise was advised by managers, Through this kind of they can amuse the customer. It is difficult for them to help to make a service more efficient to their buyer without this kind of system Buyers:

Customers will be the people who utilizes their would like and needs shopping (4/11 store). The researchers also necessary their attributes because they are one who knows how the circulation works inside the store. They are the one who activities the service of the 4/11 store. Client can also assess how the business is being competitive to the other...

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