Violent Felony Children Essay



November 8, 2012

Which will would concern you more should you be found shoplifting: obtaining legal abuse or the need to face the reactions of your friends and family? Will the reactions of your friends be different compared to the reactions of the family and in what way? I believe basically was caught shoplifting, what would bother me the most is the legal punishment. The reason is is because I would not find out if I have to pay extra money pertaining to obligations and expenses. I would have to possibly facing devoir or incarceration. Then; if facing jail time I would take a confided area and limited place which will be something that I would not be taken to friends and family. As far as friends that would not be a matter, due to the fact that it will be embarrassed but not meaningful since spending time working with legal treatment and the effects that come along with it. I believe that my family will be more of a vit than my local freinds if I acquired caught shoplifting. My family will be angry and disappointed and thinking for what reason would I would personally of built the choices to do this. My friends alternatively would truly feel guilt then when I say that like responsible for even dealing with someone who would shoplift in a time that people are living within our society that we are living in. Regardless the fact my family can be important to me that my friends, family is constantly going to always be here, close friends; I value and love them as similar but if they become critical while my family and turn their backside, I would realize that they were not real good friends in the first place. A friend is to be capital t here through thick and/ or slender and no matter what it comes to the crunch family is anything. Conclusively, with regards to a person committing against the law; they should not worry about whether or not they are staying embarrassed by all their family, friends, or the legal punishment it may not be performed period.

(Price, T 2012)

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