Essential Attributes of a Good friend Essay

Perhaps there are more qualities, require are to me the top of the list. I am working on the presumption that my best friend would love the Lord (or otherwise how do we become best friends in the first place? ). I am going to take every single one independently.

LOYALTY: This is so important in my opinion mostly due to my history. When I was little, my personal whole parents and my own brothers got betrayed by people who had been like family members to us. It was difficulty for us; my own brothers and i also still have difficulties with trusting persons as a result of that. I do not trust conveniently therefore after i do trust, I want to realize that it will not be betrayed.

Also, I go the extra mile pertaining to my friends; while I do not expect them to go the extra mile for me, I have to know that they have my backside. I need to be aware that if you will discover rumours traveling around about me personally, regardless of how bad the evidence appears, they will guard me in front of large audiences. I will not do any significantly less. So personally, loyalty is undoubtedly a HUGE one particular.

UNCONDITIONAL APPROVAL: I was not perfect, but then nobody else is. I believe like is appreciate inspite of our flaws. Love does not force the adored to change. Love might wish the adored would change, but if that change would not occur, like does not stop loving. I would like my friends to accept me to get who My spouse and i am and love me personally despite my own flaws. Anyone who pushes me into alter, can't be my friend.

STRAIGHT TALK: Now, I know above, I stated I did not want to be changed, yet I need my local freinds to be able to point out to me, bluntly where Now i'm being unreasonable. I avoid want close friends who will find me making my way to terrible and just take a seat and watch since they are scared of offering offense – I have no need for folks like this. Friends like that, I'll tolerate, but I realize they are definitely not my friends. Not where it counts.

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