Expanding Business Networks and Connections Exploration Paper

Growing Business Sites and Cable connections

Marc Amorantoa and Patricia Ngsuyb

a BS Advertising and marketing Management, School of Organization,

De La Salle University, Manila

[email protected] ph level

b BULL CRAP Management of Financial Institutions, University of Organization,

De La Assemblee University, Manila

[email protected] ph level

Abstract. This document contains the networks and connections of businesses. The record focuses on different networks and connections of three types of business namely a corporation, a operation business, and an online business. The goal of this research is to review the different types of systems and connections of each form of business, to exhibit their comparison, and to know how these sites and connections help in broadening the business. This kind of paper also contains the factors and strategies businesses think about for their strategies of development.

Keywords. Business, networks, connections, enlargement.

1 Introduction

Business is and may always play an important role in every nation. What makes it important is the fact it is already a part of someones everyday lives. Business supplies goods, services, and careers. In other words, it satisfies the needs and wants of each human. The UN Global Compact (2010: 5) argues that organization, as the world's key source of monetary growth, reaches the cardiovascular of almost any widespread improvements in living standards (Hoye, 2010). Without businesses, everyone would have to end up being an expert in all respects of existence which is not possible. Countries would also be for stand still and could have no improvement at all. To put it briefly, we would not need the life were enjoying right now without the presence of these businesses.

During the past, businesses started out as very humble barter trades that slowly and gradually expanded since people investigated and found out new gets. Communication and transporting of goods and services were an excellent challenge. This kind of comes to show that operating a business in older days was not at all an easy task. Currently, businesses have got definitely evolved and better from what it was and lots of them are venturing into diverse business systems and cable connections.

Numerous references have got talked about business networks and connections and/or related to the subject and the effects of having those inside sustaining and developing a business. Ritter, Wilkinson, and Johnston (2004) claim that firms should not be seen in remoteness but as becoming connected in operation systems. Corridor, Daneke, and Lenox (2010) state that environmentally friendly development provides emerged because an increasingly influential concept in managerial and academic settings and the term sustainability has turned into a mainstay of corporate approach.

Business Network is a very essential requirement that businesses need to keep substantial growth and possess strong interactions. We are at present living in the data age. This information is available and accessible to everyone in the world. Organization has certainly changed how people live their lives. Since it have been established for some time, it has become flexible and adaptable to the changes that we human beings have been producing. Our evolving technology has made networking less difficult for businesses to handle. Alt, Fleisch, and Werle (2000) suggest that networkability is a internal and external ability to cooperate as well as the ability to speedily and effectively establish, execute, and develop IT-supported organization relationships. Network is built on relationships between your actors and organisations of business. Holmlund and Tornroos (no date) state that a relationship is described as an interdependent process of continuous interaction and exchange among at least two actors in a organization network context. 6, Goodwin, Peck, and Freeman (2006) state that a network is any moderately stable design of jewelry and backlinks between organisations or among organisations and individuals, where those jewelry represent some...

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