Essay upon Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Faust

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, " Faust”

Faust is a man endowed with unquenchable being thirsty for life, wish for knowledge of the universe, character of issues, and his very own feelings. Faust is not just a personality, he is the representation of all the human race. Like passionate heroes, Faust is not able to understand happiness in the earthly incarnation. Instead of conference satisfaction, this individual feels a spiritual emptiness and soreness from the counter of the existence. That is how he starts his first monolog: " I've analyzed, alas, viewpoint,

Law and treatments, recto and verso,

And just how I be sorry, theology likewise,

Oh Goodness, how hard I have slaved away,

With what end result? Poor silly old man,

I'm not whit wiser than when I started out! " (p. 105)

A doctor is a man of high psychic aspirations. He could be an active, smart, and erudite man. In his quest, Faust wants to find just one way of being in which dream and reality, paradise and earth, soul and body will probably be in harmony. Faust says for Wagner: " Two souls live in me, alas,

Irreconcilable with one another.

One, lusting for the world using its might,

Grapples it close, money grubbing of all the pleasures,

The other rises up, up from the dirt,

Up to the blest fields exactly where dwell the great forebears. " (p. 122) His desire of knowledge of " the real truth” cannot be happy. Thus, Faust's mind cannot reach the harmony; the hero is often looking for a thing higher and better. " If only I had formed wings to rise into

The environment and comply with ever after! " (p. 122)

The real truth may not be found anywhere on the globe; it is method higher, really divine, it's unreachable pertaining to simple minds. Faust cannot submit that, and the figure places himself close to the work creatures. " Me, the image of God, certain within my belief

Shortly, soon, I'd personally behold the mirror of eternal truth... " (p. 111) Faust feels which the knowledge of the regular man is definitely not enough to get him. Selection a pact with the devil, Mephisto, to extend his existence " for the end of mankind". The romantic leading man does it with order...

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