Marriage Whilst Still Studying: Between Benefits and Difficulties Essay

Marriage Whilst Still Studying: Between Benefits and Challenges


Getting married at a young age can be not new in our contemporary society, especially between the Malay community. The trend of early marriage seems to be a tendency and lifestyle among young people today, especially those living in non-urban areas. In the early twenties of age they have begun speaking about marriage. For some, they agree to and suppose this is prevalent in the Malay community. Nevertheless for others, they consider that situation and phenomenon must be changed such as line with current advancements.

Some young adults at this age tend to opt for early on marriage, which includes while still being a scholar. The sensation of wedded while learning frequently takes place among registrants of public and higher education corporations in the country. Within my observation, a defieicency of marriage among the students has turned into a discussion that always has the ebb and flow. Parents, students and adults have different views and approaches in working with this phenomenon. What is selected, they each get their own landscapes and stances on this subject.

Marriage is a requirement that cannot be segregated in building up the friends and family system.

Generally, people put the wedding organization as a extremely important thing being done with responsibility and recognition. An adult community should be even more open and mature in discussing the issue of marriage, as the flow of life is constantly on the change from time to time leading to thoughts and actions of young people to differ in accordance to environmental factors, educational background and monetary status.


I do have no problem on the concern because personally marriage although still learning has the benefits and challenges. Difficulties that, in the event managed effectively, then the matrimony will be able to offer a positive impact about students, when if otherwise, it can be described as a big problem for young students. Several elements must be taken into account when pupils want to get married while...

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