Mba E-Business Essay

2 . one particular FINANCIAL MANAGING

1 . " Efficient money management will certainly aim at making the most of the availability of cash inflows simply by decentralizing collections and cash outflows simply by centralizing disbursements”. Discuss from the point of money conversion cycle. 2 . Which of the two dividend guidelines, steady or dividends with fluctuating earnings would you advise? Would your recommendations differ for a new company because distinct from a single which has been around for a period of one ten years? 3. " Many companies compute the internal level of go back of the pregressive after-tax funds flows via financial leases”. What challenges do you think this might give rise to? As to the rate should the rate of return always be compared? Discuss. 4. Should your company would like to raise long term loans through the capital market for appointment its future requires, as a Financial Manager which in turn sources you would probably prefer and why?

installment payments on your 2 TACTICAL MANAGEMENT

1 . Assess the competitive strategies implemented by leading telecom corporations in India. Which is more successful? Why? 2 . Identify a FMCG business successfully varied into durable products industry and a durable making company failed to diversify in any other category. Discuss the reason why. 3. Review between " cost leadership” Vs " Product differentiation” strategies. Give suitable good examples from company world. four. What do you realize by competitive advantage? Explain how this can be critical to maintaining the leadership available in the market. Use vehicle market as an example.


1 . Discuss the mixing of ecommerce and WORLD WIDE WEB site promoting with mainstream advertising and commercials. Recognize any two companies and the respective ads they use for their product. Every commercial used (TV/radio industrial, newspaper or magazine ad, or billboard) should have the company's who internet site clearly determined. (Example Kia TV commercial, including the end in the commercial that shows provide a duplicate of...

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