Modern Life Versus Essay

" The difference between technology and slavery is that slaves are completely aware that they are really not free" said Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Modern life can be linked with technology and people believe it is at our service but it's kind of the different way rounded. Technology uses up your mind. This wastes the free time -- the time you could have spent in a better approach like browsing books. Weight loss really help thinking about these people. But modern life of today is only a few about down sides since it produced " transportation" and " communication" simpler and opened up new doors to " health care". In the past, zero man may travel more quickly than a horse that carried him. Now, you can easily travel and leisure thousands of a long way within a short period of time. Old days, it took people a long time that sometimes the travellers would pass away because of hunger or condition or with the best, they will be totally exhausted. You now just take a seat on your chair and enjoy as soon as while venturing. This altered travelling via an unbearable action to a pleasant entertainment. The web made everything easier and accessible however the best thing it brought all of us is that new way of conversation. Using the Internet likewise decreases the expenses of interaction. Some say although it makes it easy to talk and in many cases see the face of the person you're talking to, it is advisable to meet these people face-to-face because it cements friends and family relationships. However ,, the moment you experience how simple cheap that is certainly, you may think it truly is worth it.

Inside the life during the past, it was hard to treatment illnesses. In our modern life, they will found other ways to face illnesses, which produced death the last option. Surprisingly enough, today they provide tiny software into your body and they themselves can go and discover the problems. Although there are some negative thoughts about modern life, when it comes to the improvement of " health care" they have to concur.

All in all, in the past using animals was the just transportation method but now we've got faster, simpler and cheaper ways....

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