Nishant Gurung IT 343 002 Binnj Case H Essay


Project 2

Binnj Case Study

Nishant Gurung

George Mason College or university

I. T 343 -- 002

Doctor J. Ruben Murray

August 4, 2014


This kind of paper is an research on Binnj Case Study which is based on a Science Test carried out by Clay Hutcherson, creator and CEO of Birmingham, Ontario centered Binnj Inc. and his team within the Apple IPad Software called LiveMenu. The LiveMenu Application permits Apple IPad's to be applied as a digital restaurant menu platform.

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The Binnj Case Study is an evaluation on a Scientific research Experiment began by Clay-based Hutcherson president and owner of Binnj Inc. and the lads for producing the Ipad by apple application named LiveMenu. LiveMenu is a software application that would transform the traditional cafe menus to a digital formatting by using the Apple IPads. The paper will certainly identify some of the key enablers, concepts including virtual teams, different styles of expansion approaches, platform technology, income opportunities, product pricing and a personal watch point regarding the experiment with regards to entrepreneurship and management. We shall start with some in the key enablers that allowed for the Binnj Science Test to be carried out. Crucial Enablers

Both types of key enablers for any research are external and internal. The exterior enablers that allowed for Clay Hutcherson to engage in the Scientific research Experiment were the invention with the Apple IPad on which the Hutcherson would generate his LiveMenu application and the availability of Technology such as Apple Software Advancement Kit for creating the Live Menu Application, Dropbox and Skype intended for communicating with affiliates. Other External Enablers were the availability in the large market in the restaurant business, the presence of a active restaurant menu that could be modified with relative mitigated costs when compared to the traditional menus and also the brand of Apple itself which was a providing factor. The Internal Enablers that allowed for Hutcherson to invest in the Try things out were his years of encounter as a technical and managing consultant as well as the network of contacts that he had created over the years which will enabled him to create his ideal staff for the Experiment. The low cost and low risk factor as a result of project becoming a Science Test and commitment from team members being voluntary also played out a role intended for enabling the Experiment. Given that we have mentioned about key enablers, we all will now discuss about virtual teams. Online Teams

If we are mailing or obtaining an email, sending text messages or online video conferencing our company is engaging in electronic environment to parties. Some of the examples of solutions that allow us to interact in a digital environment are Redmine, Dropbox and Skype ip telefoni that let us to communicate through text messages and video conference meetings. The problems that individuals might generally encounter in virtual staff settings are technical interference due to equipment failure and time zone differences. We will analyze the Development approach ingested in the Binnj Case Study. Development Approaches

The Binnj Staff chose the Acuto Development strategy due to the serious time restriction of 75 days that they would not have been able to satisfy should they include followed the waterfall or traditional approach. Agile creation approach will allow the Binnj team to work in Iterative steps and making changes according to customer requirements as the expansion progressed. The conventional waterfall method is a continuous development method that is even more suited for static projects in which it is not probably for very many changes to come about. The traditional Waterfall method as stated by Corscadden from the Binnj development crew would have considered them 1 . 5 years and since they were doing not understand much regarding the Ipad technology, they will didn't have any concrete floor ideas or plans pertaining to using the design development...

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