Of Mice and Guys: Is Curley’s Wife a Victim or Villian? Dissertation

John Steinbeck presents Curley's wife in the beginning of the tale as a great irrelevant figure because she has no relation with George and Lennie. At the start, Curley is one of the most significant characters (besides George and Lennie) because he has the power to crush George and Lennie's dream of possessing a farm of your own. But as the story goes on, to end, we see the importance of her character and this everything that offers happened on the ranch is definitely caused by her presence; even though she is not really in the tale as much as others, she has a long lasting effect on the other heroes. She is pointed out in the history a lot as a result of how she would acted surrounding the men employed in the hacienda. In the end, we all knew Lennie and George were not likely to get a farm of their own as a result of how Lennie is drown to trouble at all times but we ultimately identify that it's Curly's wife that crushes George and Lennie's dreams when ever Lennie kills her. Once again her presence caused a lot of trouble in the hacienda which furthermore kills Lennie and their wish. She is a defined as a villain by just how she is pruned to passade and tries attention via anyone the girl comes across. She actually is racist and mean to many of the workers e. g. Crooks and Candy, because she understands even though she's not loved; she has the ability to make all their lives a living hell. She is also considered a victim because ahead of she drops dead, she talks to Lennie about how precisely she experienced all these dreams about getting an presenter and being famous; as the reader we see her the case self and that we see that deep down she is a kind and lovely person. We all then know that she is only flirtatious and mean for the men since she is just trying to have got bond with someone since Curly has commanded her not to talk to anyone; this made her lonely and bitter. Her racist remarks to Crooks wasn't because of her bitter actions, but mainly because in her times dark people were certainly not treated very well anyway. Steinbeck presents Curly's wife like a trouble developer and an infestation but this individual also built her a very complex persona and in the final we find out she is one of the most important persona in the whole tale because it simply takes her presence to excite the audience.

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Curly's wife is needed in the book to create incertidumbre and theatre with the males, which finally makes the tale a lot more interesting. Because she is extremely flirtatious with everyone in the farm, her hubby, Curly gets jealous and angry; this may probably cause the workers to fear him more because because state of anger, this individual could flames them which may render all of them homeless and foodless creating them to go through on the streets or even pass away. Curly's wife is a very interesting and complicated character to understand because all of us automatically feel that she is simply flirtatious and a bad better half to Ugly but as the storyline goes on all of us understand that it can not all her fault that she is like this and I think that Steinbeck is attempting to put throughout is that females were not cared for well; one of this is the biggest and undetected sign is her identity, though out your whole story we know and give us a call at her ‘Curley's wife' because no one areas her enough to call her by her the case name. Likewise the only other women described in the new are the stripper, who we all also how to start the names of and Aunt Clara who also raised lennie up just before she died, this demonstrates women had been viewed without respect once this book was written and that men had been represented dominate among the two genders. Curly's wife develops the plan by just getting there, we find out that she is nonetheless a bit fresh at the ranch and currently she has got all the males talking and thinking about her in a awful way, nevertheless I think that many of them also believe of her in a sexual way because she is amazing and the simply women they might see in the day (besides the stripdance on the Fri trip to the bar) therefore it would have recently been expected of which to think that; but they would not mention it because they don't was not the different...

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