Physical and Chemical Real estate Essay

п»їName: Ben Flannigan

Name: Physical and Chemical Properties

Purpose: To investigate the chemical real estate of pure chemical substances. To review the physical properties of pure chemical substances. Procedure: In this lab we all used 4 test tubes and added equal amounts of a material in each test pipe. We then observed the color and odor. We after that heated the substance and recorded the observation. The next tube all of us added cold water and observed the consequences, then we all heated this and seen the effects. Drops from that check tube had been then positioned on a reddish and blue litmus newspaper and observations were recorder. Finally, in the third and fourth check tubes all of us added HCL and in the other NaOH and observed the effects. Data Tables and Observations:

Data Table 1: Solubility or Effect


Color: Silver, steel

Odor: Probably none

Effect of High temperature: Color transformed white

Cool H2O: No effect, satisfied at bottom

Hot WATER: No result

Litmus Reddish colored: Turned magenta

Litmus Green: Turned magenta

Dilute HCL: Started cigarette smoking and fizzing

Dilute NaOH: No result


Color: Gold, copper mineral, metallic

Smell: None

Effect of Heat: None of them

Cold H20: No impact, settled at bottom

Popular H20: D effect

Litmus Red: Turned purple

Litmus Blue: Flipped purple

Dilute HCL: No effect

Thin down NaOH: Zero effect


Color: Sterling silver, metallic

Scent: None

A result of Heat: Probably none

Cold WATER: No result, settled at bottom

Warm H2O: Simply no effect

Litmus Red: No effect

Litmus Blue: Flipped red

Dilute HCL: Started out smoking and fizzing

Water down NaOH: Not any effect


Color: White-colored

Odor: Probably none

Effect of Temperature: None

Cool H2O: Blended

Hot INGESTING WATER: Created solid odor

Litmus Red: Switched purple

Litmus Blue: Zero effect

Water down HCL: Switched yellowish

Water down NaOH: Not any effect


Color: Chalk green

Smell: None

Effect of Heat: Transforms black

Cool H2O: Dissolves


Litmus Reddish: No result

Litmus Blue: Turned crimson

Dilute HCL: Started smoking and fizzing, turned neon...

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