Unit seventy four Essay

Unit 74 – Support individuals to live at your home

Understand the principles of helping individuals to live at home 1 ) 1 Explain how being supported in the home can benefit a person There are a few examples of how becoming supported at home can be helpful: * More independence

5. More time spent with loved ones

* A greater sense of normality

* Capable to maintain a little more control over day to day routine * Surrounded by own belongings with loving memories and so on

* Not any interruptions or noise from other 'patients or perhaps residents' 2. More likely to obtain visits via friends and family

* Some people can't stand hospitals and so forth

1 . two Compare the roles of folks and agencies who might be needed to support an individual to live at home 1 ) 3 Make clear the importance of providing information regarding benefits, allowances and monetary planning which could support visitors to live in the home 1 . four Explain how Risk-management leads to supporting visitors to live at home Be able to play a role in planning support for living at home installment payments on your 1 Identify with an individual the strengths, skills and existing networks they have that could support them to live at home 2 . 2 Understand an individual their needs that may need additional support and their preferences for how a needs can be met installment payments on your 3 Agree with the individual and others the risks that really must be managed in living at your home and strategies to address them Be able to use individuals to protected additional companies and facilities to enable them to live at home three or more. 1 Support the individual and others to access and understand information regarding resources, companies and services available to support the individual to have at home 3. 2 Assist the persons and others to select resources, providers and features that will fulfill the individual's requirements and minimise risks 3. 3 Lead to completing paperwork to apply for needed resources, features and services in a way that promotes active contribution 3. 5 Obtain...

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