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Self confidence signifies whether someone is do it yourself assure in his judgements, decisions making, concepts and features (Lussier & Achua, 2007). it includes a feeling of self esteem and self peace of mind. And the opinion that one can make any difference. Steve Jobs has a strong self-confidence in his ability to solve problems and make decisions. owing to his controlling power, Steve Jobs possess the ability to remake a large, dysfunctional organization into a tight, disciplined send that achieved tasks in the demanding plans (Leander, 2008).

Burns (1978), Bass (1985), Graham (1991), Stephens ain al. (1995), Whetstone (2002), and Whittington (2004) observed a distinction in the moral nature in the two commanders. Burns (1978) initially defined transformational leadership as " moral in that it raises the level of human perform and moral aspiration of both head and led” (p. 20). Burns solved the transformational leader as a moral and value-centered agent who engages the full person of the follower and changes followers' self-interest into collective interests through transforming followers' independent values into interdependent higher-order group values. Later, Bass (1985) offered that transformational frontrunners could be meaning or immoral depending on their values and included tyrannical leaders within the list leaders suggested as life changing. Bass' assertion seemed to be opposite and compared Burns' explanation. This curve induced rebuttal from Graham (1991), Stephens et ing. (1995), Whetstone (2002), and Whittington (2004). Graham (1991) recognized the potential moral weak points of the life changing leader's fidelity to the organization's objectives and offered stalwart leadership's give attention to service as a method of defeating this meaning weakness. Stephens et approach. (1995)

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