The Child Justice Method Essay

The Child Justice Method

Detric Manley

Professor Robert Roth

CRJ 180

13 May 2012

Juvenile Proper rights Process

Intake| Decision to Detain| Qualified Directly to Post Bail| Decision to Petition the Case| Prosecutor Decision Making| Dismiss or handle Informally| Petition simply by requesting adjudication| Waive to adult courtroom for prosecution| Adjudication| Arraignment| Adjudication Hearing|

Disposition| Predisposition Report| Disposition Hearing|

The first step or level of the juvenile justice program process can be intake. During this stage a juvenile is definitely referred to teen court in two primary ways, the foremost is through law enforcement agencies and second, through civilians like parents, adults, teachers, universities, probation representatives and patients of an supposed crime. (Juvenile Justice pg 258). After each case is labeled the legal courts prosecutors possess two extremely important decisions to create regarding the circumstances. Prosecutors need to decide whether or not to detain the juveniles and request the circumstances being referenced and or presented. When a juvenile has been used into custody an official may take her / him to a child detention center, which is a facility designed for temporary, secure confinement of any juvenile just before court dispositions and or performance of a the courtroom order. (Juvenile Justice pg258). Another step within the Absorption stage is usually qualified directly to post pacte. This proper has been given to juveniles and also adults that contain entered the justice systems by way of testimonials and or arrests; although the majority of juveniles are released for the custody with their parents or perhaps guardians they do not require and/or not provided the right to bail. The final step in the intake level is the decision to request the case, which includes whether or not to dismiss the truth and launch the juvenile to her or his parents or perhaps guardians, deal with it in private with informal probation or perhaps petition the truth for formal intervention by the court. A substantial percentage of...

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